‘Slaves Beneath The Sun’ is officially released today by Alma Mater Books & Records!

Besides the digital edition, a gorgeous limited cross digipack CD and the very limited MC, as well as exclusive merch items, are available as of now at our Bandcamp. The gatefold vinyl is set for release around late September and AMR is already running a pre-order for this. We’ll also have a limited share of the vinyl release that will be made available through our store. More on this soon!

Stay tuned for more news regarding ‘Slaves Beneath The Sun’!

Listen to SLAVES BENEATH THE SUN at the following link:



We couldn’t have hoped for a better reaction than the one we got last weekend. Thanks to everyone who came out and expressed their support and gratitude!
A special thanks to Paulo Basílio, for his participation in Breathe (and for making the moment of recording “Slaves Beneath The Sun” the best experience we’ve ever had in a studio), to Bruno Jorge for the help with all the logistics (and for the support over the last years), to our unsung hero and FOH, Fernando Mendes, for the live interpretation of our sound and to Alma Mater Books & Records for the support in these dates. We will be back soon with more news!
Thanks to MUSICBOX LISBOA for receiving us again at the beginning of a new album cycle and, especially, to André and Amplificasom for all the support over the years!


We’re thrilled to announce our new album entitled ‘Slaves Beneath the Sun’. Written and recorded under the harsh circumstances of the pandemic, it turned out to be our most up-close, personal, and ambitious album thus far. Savvily recorded and engineered by Paulo Basílio at Buzz Room Studio and brilliantly mixed by Andrew Schneider at Acre Audio (KEN mode, Unsane, Julie Christmas, Rosetta) and mastered by Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room LLC – Music Mastering (Minsk, Eyehategod, Wovenhand), ‘Slaves Beneath the Sun will be released by Alma Mater Books & Records, the label curated by Fernando Ribeiro (Moonspell). Bellow, you can already take a first look at the cover art based upon an outstanding image by the internationally acclaimed Lee Jeffries.

On May 20th, at MUSICBOX LISBOA, ‘Slaves Beneath the Sun’ will be played live for the first time. Stay tuned for more info about this release over the next few days!


It took us a while to get back on track, but finally, we have some good news to share. After almost two years since our last gig, we’re returning to a live setting and we couldn’t think of a better way to do it. We’re thrilled to be a part of the Back to Back festival with such a great lineup with Mão Morta, Bizarra Locomotiva and The Quartet of Woah! Be sure to be there as we’ll have some surprises along the way. On that note, we’re excited to share that we’re currently on the final steps of our 5th record and grateful for the brilliancy of such greats as Paulo Basílio, Andrew Schneider, and Collin Jordan. More details coming soon. Stay tuned!



8 years ago we released FÆMIN! Two days earlier we anticipated this release at the SWR BARROSELAS METALFEST XV. Today we would enter the studio to begin the process of BLACK EARTH’s successor. Today, like most of the world, we are confined and our future is also associated with greater uncertainty than usual. Today, Bandcamp forgoes its share of profits in a laudable initiative to help bands and labels. You can still support us by purchasing our physical and digital releases available at this platform. Thanks for your support, take care and stay safe!