We had a blast at Amplifest 2022 FDS1! Almost 10 years after our last performance at this festival, we couldn’t think of a better way of presenting «Slaves Beneath The Sun» at Oporto. It was great to look at a full audience committed to our gig and taking part in the overall festive feeling. A very special thanks goes to André and Amplificasom for sticking to their vision and never stopping believing in making a festival like this happen! We’re proud of being a part of this family. A big THANK YOU goes to all the ones who expressed their appreciation for our music and keep supporting us after all the years!

Some reviews about our gig at Amplifest.

“One of Amplifest’s greatest virtues was not its breathtaking setting, but the impeccable sound. This weekend’s bands, perhaps most notably Oranssi Pazuzu, Wolves in the Throne Room and Portugal’s own Process of Guilt, sounded flawless.”

Collin Williams / Invisible Oranges

“Falando de peso, e depois da subtileza e até delicadeza com que estas duas artistas maiores o entregaram, seguiram-se os Process Of Guilt, que estão do outro lado do espectro da “delicadeza”. Volvida cerca de uma década desde a última aparição no festival portuense, e agora com o novíssimo «Slaves Beneath The Sun» como principal pano de fundo, é sempre um prazer ver a banda de origem eborense arrasar tudo e todos com o seu pendor arrastado, um teor lamacento que se vê agora particularmente ainda mais mecanizado e desconcertante, além da pontual revisita a «Black Earth». A fasquia ficava bem elevada logo tão cedo no fim-de-semana.”

Ricardo Agostinho | Pedro C. Silva // LOUD!

Photo by @Ah!PHOTO / Hard Club


We’re excited to finally have the first batch of ‘Slaves Beneath The Sun’ on our hands. As the vinyl production schedule was anticipated we decided to make the first batch available right now through our Bandcamp store. There are two gorgeous options available in black and ultra-clear vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with a printed inner sleeve!


What the media have been saying about ‘SLAVES BENEATH THE SUN’

“the monochrome artwork reflects the tone of the album; there’s minimal vibrancy or colour to be found in the bleakly atmospheric builds, the grim, lightly dissonant riffs and the harsh, yet impressively tonal, vocals.”
Musclassia / METAL STORM

“Those who love these hopeless sounds will immediately understand what this record is made of, a remarkable example of damned and beautiful music. We move through icy waves, flames coming out of nowhere, in a musical magma with perfect spines, for a work that is a candidate for album of the year, confirming the great releases that Alma Mater Records is putting together.”
Massimo Argo / IYEZINE

“(…) listening to “Slaves…,” one gets the impression that each episode has been more finely chiseled with the passion and attention of the best craftsmen, where the reworking of the teachings of the masters is perfectly matched with smoothness in listening and a clearer expressive simplicity. Pieces like “Scars” and “Breathe” show how Process Of Guilt are now flat-out masters of this post/sludge style with a dry, raw and peremptory foundation, where quotations often give way to a heartfelt interpretation with evocative solid power (…)”
Luca Pessina / METALITALIA

“It is safe to say that PROCESSOFGUILT (…) have, by now in their career, reached a level of maturity that is usually reserved for the leading bands, artistically speaking, in their stylistic fields, operate within the parameters they themselves have created, and are already, as far as possible, above any faux-pas that “lesser” groups may face.”
José Carlos Santos / LOUD! Magazine

“On their 5th album, PROCESSOFGUILT bring together the overwhelming power of “FÆMIN” with the best conclusions of the paradigms they explored on “Black Earth”. In this way, “Slaves Beneath The Sun” is the quartet’s new discographic pinnacle.”