We’re amazed by the Black Earth reactions that started to emerge a little bit everywhere.
If you don’t believe it, just check out this (still growing) list:
Loud! #199 Album of the Month (9/10

Metalhammer Subterranea Mag (8/10) UK
The Obelysk US
World of Metal – Album of the Month (9.7/10) PT
Metal Imperium(9/10) PT
Metal Reviews (8.3) US
Hellheaven – Album of the Month (9/10) PT – «Album of the Week» PT
Beach Slot US
Musica em DX (highlighted review) PT
All Around Metal (4.5) IT (8.3) IT
Lords of Metal (8.3) NL
Necromance (8.0) SP
Lords of Metal (8.3)
Necromance (8.0)