2017. Process of Guilt steadily return with «Black Earth», a sonic mammoth that pushes their music even further into new dimensions of heaviness, harshness and despair. All songs on «Black Earth» result from a meticulous song-writing process developed over the last two years with the aim of building a sound landscape that reflects the album title, and where the lyrical themes are directly related to the presence and function of men in the planet and, particularly man himself. «Black Earth» builds upon five intense tracks, more scorching than anything Process of Guilt have ever done before. Steadily moving through dynamic rhythm changes, the band explores a more diverse vocal approach, mantra-like grooves, a crushing rhythm session, an everlasting love for feedback and more huge riffs than you can ask for in under 45 minutes.

2002 /2014. Process of Guilt started their existence in early 2002 having their foundations firmly based in doom and dark music. In late 2006, after self-releasing the «Portraits of Regret» and «Demising Grace» demos, the four musicians gave a stronger and more concise production to their own brand of doom leading to the release of the debut album, «Renounce». Paving the ground for the release of their second full-length «Erosion» in late 2008, Process of Guilt unleashed three limited releases on the masses: a split 10” with british master of mystery Caïna, a remastered version of «Demising Grace» on pro-CDr and tape versions of the debut album and the demos. In 2009,«Erosion» progressed even further from the post-doom sound crafted on their much lauded debut. With this release, the four musicians kept spreading their creative wings, breaking down genre boundaries and solidifying their very own personality. All this complemented with a considerable list of impressive and devastating performances while sharing the stage with acts as diverse as The Ocean, Intronaut, Minsk, A Storm Of Light, Katatonia, Napalm Death or Rotten Sound. In early 2011, closing the process started with «Erosion», «The Circle» presented five reinterpretations of the last song on the highly acclaimed sophomore album and opened the door for the composition process of the decisive third album. Bringing together the creative minds of Sanford Parker, Echoes Of Yul, DJ Mofo, Bosque and Sons Of Bronson, this experiment offered a deconstructive circle through an erosive world of calm versus chaos, (re)mastered by well known James Plotkin.
In 2012, while exploring the monolithic roots of their music even further, Process of Guilt released «FÆMIN», displaying a new level of heavyness and purpose for the four-piece, while preserving the dark atmospheres already associated with their music intact. Mixed by Andrew Schneider (at Translator Audio Studios in New York) and mastered by Collin Jordan (at The Boiler Room in Chicago), «FÆMIN» allowed Process of Guilt to digg their own place in the scene even deeper.
With the release of their third full length «FÆMIN», in 2012, PROCESSOFGUILT finally took the long deserved leap to international recognition and acclaim – the album granted them two headlining European tours and a spot at the 2013 edition of Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, where they played to a full and enthusiastic crowd at the legendary Green Room.
In late 2014 Process of Guilt released the 12” Split with Rorcal, comprised of “Liar”, one piece divided in 3 movements (I, II and III), featuring the astonishing contribution of Kernal (the drone/noise/ambient project of Rorcal’s guitar player JP). This 18 minutes of new music show Process of Guilt evolving once again, capturing the organic and industrial vibes already present in «FÆMIN» and developing them further into building an hypnotic beast of mammoth proportions.

Having perfected their distinctive and inimitable musical expression along a path that spans their 16-year long career, PROCESSOFGUILT are today one of the main driving forces on the Portuguese underground. Delivering massively heavy riffs on top of a punishingly precise, quasi-industrial, rhythm section, the band possesses a unique intensity that attracts listeners from a broad spectrum of music genres. Vastly experienced when it comes to playing live – having even shared the stage with bands like Godflesh, Cult of Luna or Napalm Death and a spot at the recent editions of Resurrection Fest in Viveiro (Spain) and Ieper Fest (Ypres, Belgium) – their performances are pure displays of ferocity that leave no one indifferent!