Check out the following link to the interview we made with Mónica Amaral and Tji for the live streaming show “Quarta às Nove” at Rock’N’Raw Studios. Besides the interview we played live two tracks from «Black Earth».


«Feral Ground», the first advance track of our soon to be released «BLACK EARTH», is now streaming on Metal Hammer / Subterranea Mag.
This video also marks the start of the “BLACK EARTH” preorder. The album is available on vinyl/CD and there’s also some bundles that can be bought with a few more offers at Bleak Recordings Webstore.

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After building up their particular brand of extremity with a couple of breath-taking and well received releases – namely, «Faemin» (full length, 2012) and the «Liar trilogy» (split with Rorcal, 2014) – PROCESSOFGUILT steadily return with «Black Earth», a sonic mammoth that pushes their music even further into new dimensions of heaviness, harshness and despair.
All songs on «Black Earth» result from a meticulous song-writing process developed over the last two years with the aim of building a sound landscape that reflects the album title, and where the lyrical themes are directly related to the presence and function of men in the planet and, particularly man himself.
«Black Earth» builds upon five intense tracks, more scorching than anything Process of Guilt have ever done before. Steadily moving through dynamic rhythm changes, the band explores a more diverse vocal approach, mantra-like grooves, a crushing rhythm session, an everlasting love for feedback and more huge riffs than you can ask for in under 45 minutes.
In order to put this sonic behemoth in stone, PROCESSOFGUILT picked right where they left off their ever-growing audience with the last full-length, once again returning to the honorable mixing duties of Andrew Schnider at Acre in NYC (well known for his work with such bands as Unsane, Julie Christmas, Cave In or Rosetta) and to the mastering hands of Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room LLC – Music Mastering, in Chicago (Wovenhand, Eyehategod, Minsk…) thus assuring one more step forward in their quest for sonic greatness.
Once again joining efforts with Bleak Recordings and Division Records, September of 2017 will mark the much anticipated release of «Black Earth», the latest sonic landmark by PROCESSOFGUILT.”